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Mardi Gras

Mobile Alabama is the home of Mardi Gras in the United States.

In Mobile, you can find Beautiful Historic Homes and a vibrant downtown scene with fabulous food art, and music.

There is always something going on in Mobile!

Dog River

Mobile also has great Waterfront Properties. 

You can enjoy river, bays and their tribuatories on the main land.

Dauphin Island

In Mobile you will also find Dauphin Island.

Dauphin Island has beautiful Gulf beaches, bays, and a sea lab, the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, and more, (including Mardi Gras parades)

In Gulf Shores and Orange Beach you will find beautiful Gulf beaches, lots of rivers and fabulous seafood...and Mardi Gras parades

Fairhope is such a lovely strolling town located on Mobile Bay. 

Besides beautiful views, fishing & food, you will find lovely shops, a wonderful art scene and...Mardi Gras parades

With Mobile and Baldwin County covering 4474 square miles, there is something for everyone and I have a fabulous team of agents who can help you with anything you need. Do not hesitate to reach out to us any time!

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